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CBD E-liquid, a short explanation.

There are many explanations for CBD e-liquids. Briefly explained, CBD e-liquid gives you a similar feeling of smoking “normal” e liquids. The CBD e-liquid is refilled on your normal e cigarette, just like you do with other e-liquids. Here at CBDscandinavia.dk you can only buy pre-mixed CBD e-liquids, and they should therefore not be mixed with anything else. Remember that your CBD e-liquid is only intended for use on your e cigarette, and must not be smoked or consumed in any other way. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is a CBD e-liquid and what do they contain?

At CBDscandinavia.dk we only have CBD e-liquids of the highest quality and they are all safe to use. Our liquids have different flavors, so depending on what you prefer, you can choose exactly what suits your needs best. Our CBD e-liquids are all 100% organic & nicotine free and therefore you cannot become addicted by using them. The e-liquids in our web shop and stores are all produced with pure CBD extract, and you can therefore not get high from them. We have made sure that all our products in our portfolio are 100% organic and they have of course been laboratory tested.


Benefits of using e-liquids.

There are many benefits of using e cigarettes and e-liquids. This is also true when we talk about CBD e-liquids. As mentioned above, all our products are 100% organic, thoroughly tested and nicotine-free. Below you will find 4 benefits of using CBD e-liquids, which we here at CBDscandinavia.dk believe are relevant for you as a (potential) consumer to know:


  1. You do not need a prescription.

Ordering CBD fluids is easy and very straightforward, and you do not have to worry about needing a prescription from your doctor. Unlike other remedies or products, you can safely buy your e-liquids without having to worry about a prescription. On top of this, it is easy, safe and straightforward to use our web shop and have your package delivered wherever you want.

  1. Easy and safe to use.

All our products in our portfolio are easy and safe to use. They have all undergone a strict quality control and are continuously tested. At the same time, it is easy to refill your e cigarette, just like with all other e-liquids. With us, you also have the opportunity to choose the taste/flavor that suits you and your preferences best. Last but not least, you will avoid a lot of hassle by using e-liquids and e cigarettes. You do not have to worry about smelly clothes, fingers or hair or about think about passive smoking when you are around friends and family.


  1. CBD e liquids can help you relax.

For example, if you are having trouble relaxing after a long and potentially hard day, then a CBD e-liquid can help you in a unique way to relax. This applies to CBD e-liquids as well as regular e-liquids. It is a really good alternative to cigarettes. Several of our customers have expressed that the use of CBD e-liquids at the end of the day, for example, helps them have peace of mind.


  1. A more convenient, comfortable and discreet solution.

In recent years, e cigarettes have become increasingly popular. This means that development is going extremely fast and areas/fields such as safety and quality are constantly in focus. It is more discreet and comfortable to smoke e-liquids, which also applies to the CBD e-liquids we have available in our stores and web shop.


CBD e-liquids can potentially assist you with your needs.

We all have different needs and thoughts about what we would like to use CBD e-liquids for. At CBDscandinavia.dk we have a lot of experience with e cigarettes and e-liquids, which has helped us a lot. Our suppliers are the best that the market has to offer, and our CBD e-liquids are of the highest quality. CBD e-liquid with taste has been very popular among our customers and we have received a lot of positive feedback. We have a strong focus on you as a customer, so should you have any wishes that you do not find in our web shop or stores, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us to see if we can help you. Therefore, should you have any questions or concerns, contact us via phone, email or come down and visit us in one of our 6 shops.



What can you expect from CBD e liquids.

Expectations as a consumer vary from person to person. However, everyone has one thing in common; the liquids you use must be of the highest quality that the market as to offer. That is why our selection of CBD e-liquids (and CBD e-liquids with flavor) is carefully chosen. These are the best products you will find on the market, at a really good price. We have been working with e-liquids for more than 7 years, and therefore we also have great knowledge of the market. Our customers benefit from our broad knowledge as we can answer almost any question related to e cigarettes and e-liquids.


Always remember to do your own research and make sure you ask all the questions you have not yet found an answer for. Feel free to write down your questions and then contact us so we can help you in the best possible way. It is important to us that you feel safe when shopping through CBDscandinavia.dk. Here you will always be our main priority as a customer, and you will feel safe when purchasing the CBD e-liquids that we have shops. We have a large number of returning/loyal customers who we are really happy with the products themselves but furthermore who are extremely satisfied with the support we offer throughout the entire process. At the same time, we make sure that your package arrives at your desired address quick and safe. If you have any specific questions or even wishes regarding our delivery, please reach out to us so that we can help you.