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Du finder alle vores CBD-produkter i GoSmokes forretninger i Assens, Fredericia, Kolding, Middelfart, Svendborg og Haderslev. I butikkerne er der en dedikeret CBD-Scandinavia-afdeling, hvor du kan se nærmere på de 100% økologiske produkter. Du har også mulighed for at købe prøver med hjem for 10 kroner stykket.

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About CBDscandinavia.dk

CBDscandinavia has existed since the beginning of 2019. Even though we are relatively new when it comes to the CBD industry, we have a lot of other relevant business experience. Our experience has contributed to us being able to build up a large customer group in Denmark in a relatively short period of time. We now have customers from all over the country. We have more than 7 years of experience in running web shops and physical stores, where we have www.gosmoke.com. Although CBD and e-cigarettes are in different categories, we have still been able to use a lot of the experience we have learned in recent years. We are a group of dedicated owners and employees who do everything we can to help our (potential) customers, so they can feel safe and secure when they shop through us. We try to be as hands-on as possible, and welcome any questions that you might have, or if you for example wishes to speak to specific people within the organization, that can be arranged as well.

In addition to our web shop, we also have 6 physical stores where you are always welcome. Here you have the opportunity to see our CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD for animals, etc. We are so lucky to have some incredible and competent employees, who are always ready to help and guide you so that you feel safe. Moving forward, we do hope that we will to be able to open more stores around the country, focusing on both CBD and e cigarettes. With the growing interest in CBD as well as the rapid development that happens almost daily, it is of great importance to us that our web shop and stores are always updated with the new and best CBD products. One of our focus areas has the past year been CBD drops (CBD oil), as this is where we have the greatest demand and it is an area/field where development is going really fast.

CBD can be seen as a healthy alternative

If you walk around with pain, suffering or challenges that make your everyday life more challenging than it should be, then CBD may be something that can create value for you. CBD is not a miracle cure, but it is an alternative that can potentially help you. Through several studies, CBD has been shown to actually help with various disorders. Products such as CBD drops, CBD lotion or CBD lip balm may be able to help you. Therefore, it is a really good idea to do a thorough research and find out if CBD can create value for you and your situation. Several of our customers have shared their stories, and CBD has created a lot of value for them in their everyday lives. Therefore, CBD can be seen as a healthy alternative. When we mention the word healthy, it is not because CBD is healthy like multivitamins or exercise. But if CBD can potentially help you sleep better or eat more, then your body and your immune system will automatically become stronger, making you healthier and stronger.

It is important to note that we here at CBDscandinavia do not guarantee or state that CBD products can help you. However, there is a lot of studies and stories that we would be more than happy to to refer to, that can give you insight and some context into what CBD has done for others who might have been in a similar situation as you find yourself in. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we in any way can assist you. That way, together we can find out what information can be useful to you and your situation, and then you can make the decision for yourself whether CBD is the right alternative for you.

What CBD products are available?

The idea behind CBDscandinavia.dk was in its simplicity to gather the best CBD products in one place. Therefore, it is a very carefully selected range of products which we have selected specifically on the basis that it must be of the highest quality. You may find that other web shops have a somewhat wider range, where we have chosen to keep it relatively narrow. That being said, you can be sure that all the products we have available are of the highest quality. Our products also have a very broad spectrum, so if we look at our CBD oil or CBD lotion, for example, then these are products that can potentially help you in many different ways. There is a lot of research and stories about how CBD has helped a lot of different people. We are more than happy to stare any information with you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask us.

Below you can find a brief overview of the various CBD products that we offer in our web shop and of course in our physical stores. If you have questions about our products, all of which are 100% organic, please contact us so we can help you.

- CBD oil: We have 5 different CBD oils with different strengths (percentage). We have furthermore put together a lot of information regarding CBD oil, frequently asked questions etc. CBD oil is the most widely used form of CBD and it is also the one that has most information available.

- CBD e-liquid: CBD that you can use with your e cigarette. CBD e-liquid is an area where the development is moving rapidly. We have gathered a lot of useful information which you can read more about here. The interest in CBD e-liquid is steadily growing in Denmark.

- CBD lotion: Lotion that contains CBD. We have heard several stories about how CBD lotion can potentially help against acne and psoriasis. However, it is always recommended that you do a thorough research and find the information you may need. We currently have 9 different CBD lotions available.

It all starts with you and your needs

The first thing you need to consider is what would you like to get out of using CBD? You need to think about what challenges you would like CBD to help you with. Furthermore, set up some goals on what you actually want to achieve from using CBD, and how do you reach these goals the best way possible? We have experienced that a large amount of people contact us because they want to purchase CBD, but without really considering why they want it and what value it can create for them. As mentioned above, CBD is a product and an area that has been of great interest in recent years, but we still insist that you as a potential user of CBD oils or CBD lotions have some thoughts and considerations before you decide you to pull the trigger and use CBD. This is why we also make sure to always guide and help the best we can. For example, if you have questions about whether CBD lotion can help with your eczema, acne or psoriasis - then we make sure to refer you to the right studies so you yourself can form an opinion and thereby decide whether CBD is the right choice for you and your given situation.

There are many different reasons why CBD may be the right choice for you. If you are not quite sure if it can create value for you, you are of course more than welcome to contact us and have a chat. When we started CBDscandinavia in the beginning of 2019, we had a desire to become the customers' favorite CBD dealer in Denmark, but at the same time also help people who might have a more challenging everyday life than necessary. Our customers have been incredibly good at sharing their stories and experiences using CBD, which we would love to share as well, of course. Always remember to think about yourself first, find out what needs you have and last but not least, make sure to do a thorough research.

Why has interest in CBD increased over the past few years?

There are many answers as to why CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years. What we have heard through our network and from many of our customers is; it is a form of alternative treatment if, for example, you have walked around with challenges, disorders or pain that you have not been able to find a solution to just yet. Depression, anxiety and sleep disorders are the disorders that we have had the most questions about and at the same time also areas where we have heard a lot of good positive stories. Unfortunately, many people walk around with perhaps unnecessary pain or suffering, which makes their everyday life more challenging than it should be. Several research reports and analyzes have shown that CBD can have a positive effect on one's mind and body. Of course, it is always up to the individual to a thoroughly research before potentially start using CBD.

Here at CBDscandinavia, we always try to help and guide our customers. We are happy to share our experiences, referring to research and stories. We encourage everyone to make good and thoughtful research before you potentially purchase your first CBD products. This applies to all kinds of CBD; CBD oil (CBD drops), CBD e-liquid, CBD lotion or CBD for animals. Of course, it is also important to keep in mind that all people are different, and therefore there it also varies how the body reacts to CBD. In our web shop we have put together a lot of information under each product, so you have the opportunity to read more and start your research here. Also, always remember to start with small amounts of CBD, if you make the decision to use CBD products. Your body needs to have a chance to adapt, just like with anything else.

Hvorfor vælge CBDscandinavia.dk?

In Denmark, there are many good CBD web shops and stores available. We are really excited, as it means that there is a great interest in CBD. However, at the same time the requirements tighten for the CBD products that are available. So why should you choose us over other web shops or stores? We have always had our customers as our main priority. Ever since we started www.gosmoke.com more than 7 years ago, we have worked hard to always listen to our customers and use their feedback so that we can constantly get better. Therefore, as a potential customer with us, you can always feel safe when you purchase your CBD products here. We always make sure to help our customers as much as possible, even if it means that once in a while we have to suggest some not to use CBD (if they have the wrong reasons for using it). We do everything to ensure that you as a customer have your needs met with us. We have very competent employees, high quality products and a price that is for everyone.

We care about our customers and their wishes, and we always make sure to guide them as well as possible. At CBDscandinavia.dk you not only have a place where you can buy your CBD oils or CBD lotions, but a place where you can always find help and guidance. We make sure to treat your packages carefully and deliver wherever is best for you. Both through CBDscandinavia.dk Gosmoke.dk we have built up a loyal customer base. Not only do they get the best CBD products that the market has to offer, they also get a customer service of the highest quality. You are always welcome to stop by one of our physical stores, or contact our customer support if you have questions, concerns or anything else we can help you with.

We hope that one day we can welcome you to our CBDscandinavia family and promise we will do everything we can to help and guide you.